Landscape Management Services


Landscape Maintenance

Specializing in the care of large and complex gardens, Fallingwater's horticulturally trained supervisors manage all aspects of your lawn and garden maintenance, following industry best practices and ensuring that the health and value of your landscape is upheld throughout our tenure. 

Included services are:

  • Weekly lawn mowing and edging

  • Aerating, lime, and fertilizer (4x/year)

  • Weeding and cultivating garden beds on a set rotation

  • Pruning of shrubs, perennials, and trees (under 12') as seasonally appropriate

  • Reporting of any deficiencies or problems as they arise

  • Delivery of weekly site reports to keep our clients abreast of the work being completed each week and what we have planned for upcoming visits


We have had an in house irrigation division since 2016. With the success of a landscape so closely tied to having a well functioning irrigation system, it made sense for us to integrate the two services. We teamed up with our long time irrigation contractor, Jamie Taylor- formerly Taylor'd Irrigation, to develop the irrigation division into a critical piece of the Fallingwater landscape management approach. 

We offer:

  • Spring Startups
  • Backflow testing

  • Irrigation service and repairs

  • Irrigation system upgrades

  • Winterization

Follow the link to learn more about our irrigation services

Mulch Installation

One of the most common services we provide to our landscape maintenance clients in the installation of a variety of compost/mulch on their site. A high quality compost/mulch, applied every 2-3 years can provide; weed suppression, nitrogen and other essential nutrients, and most importantly (and often overlooked) beneficial bacteria that offers a defence against pathogens that can negatively affect your plant material. There is no better investment in the long term health of your landscape than a high quality compost/mulch mix. 

We recommend (from most to least value):

  • fish compost
  • screened or unscreened compost/mulch

  • bark mulch


Garden Re-Design/Installation

We work with several designers and landscape architects and are able to find the right fit for your particular project. Small re-designs or simple planting changes are often done by our team in house, but are assessed based on the requirements of the request.

We have a small but very talented installation team. The small team size can limit our availability to book projects during peak times of the year, but allows us to always deliver the highest quality product on completion. Because availability can be limited, our landscape maintenance clients, and past landscape installation clients benefit from scheduling priority.

Landscape Lighting

Professional low voltage lighting design and installation by our experienced installer. Enhance your garden's presentation with landscape lighting to draw attention to feature trees in your garden, enhance path illumination for safety and aesthetics, or light the architectural features of your home.

Hardscape Construction

We offer high quality construction of:

  • Decks, fences, and gates
  • Arbors and pergolas
  • Interlocking brick walkways and patios
  • Dry stack, mortared, and Allen block walls