Irrigation Services


Irrigation System Service & Maintenance

Fallingwater Irrigation's Certified irrigation technicians can problem solve and fix any issue you are having with your sprinkler system. Jamie and his team care for all system types from small residential to very large commercial and municipal systems.  

Some of the services we provide are: 

  • Mainline or zonal break fixes
  • Head and nozzle adjustment
  • Changes to sprinkler heights as plants within the garden mature
  • Electrical issues identified and solved
  • Controller setting for optimum watering times

Spring Startup

March through June each year, our irrigation technicians do Spring startups on our clients irrigation systems. This ensures optimum functionality before we reach the dry season in Victoria.  

Services performed during the startups include:

  • Turning on the irrigation mainline
  • Testing and assessment of each zone
  • Repair of any breakages
  • Adjustments of heads as needed
  • Setting up irrigation controllers

Irrigation Winterization/Blow out

We recommend to blow out all irrigation lines before winter each year to avoid any irrigation system breakages from frozen water in the pipes. Breakages due to freeze can lead to costly repair bills and property damage. 

October and November are our months that we winterize our clients systems. At this time we also make notes of anything that will be needing repair in the Spring. 


Certified Backflow Preventer Testing

Residential irrigation systems in Victoria, BC are required to be tested every 3 years to meet CRD regulations. Commercial and Strata irrigation systems must be tested every year. This cross connection control testing is in place to help to safeguard greater Victoria's drinking water from contaminated water flowing backwards into the public water system.

Our irrigation technicians are certified to perform this testing and any repairs that may be needed in the event of a backflow device failure.

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  • Irrigation system design & installation for new or existing gardens
  • Upgrades to old irrigation systems
  • Assessment and upgrades to poorly functioning irrigation systems
  • Installation of climate controls to improve system efficiency